09 Display

09 Display

An excellent choice for most FLOMEC® Meters. Commonly used features are pre-programmed in the display. End-users can enable additional features by using a password available from the factory, or click the button below to find. The 09 configuration provides a high degree of customization, matching customers’ exact needs.

09 Configuration Code



Std. Factory Configuration: 2 Totals (1 Resettable, 1 Cumulative);

Factory Calibration in gallons and litres;

User Calibration and Rate of Flow Indication.

Display Electronics: 09 Electronics can be used on G, G2, TM, A1,

OM and DP Series Meters.

Totalizing Registers: 0 to 3 available
K-Factor Limits: Min: .01 pulses/unit Max: 999,999 pulses/unit
Field Calibration: Field calibrate by user. Standard Method:

Correction Factor. Six adjustable digits.

Can be reconfigured to K-factor entry.

Readout Totals: LCD with floating decimal

Minimum Display = 0.01 units

Maximum Display = 999,999 x100 units (6 digits)

Input Pulse Rate: Minimum (Pulse-in Input) = DC (0 Hz)

Minimum (Coil Input) = Approximately 10 Hz

Maximum = Approximately 1,000 Hz

Turbine Display:
Internal Power Supply: 2 Lithium batteries at 3 volts each
Lithium Battery Life: 5 Years
Optional Power Supply: 7 to 30 VDC
Oval Gear Display:
Internal Power Supply: 9-volt battery
Optional Power Supply: 10 to 18 VDC
Operating Temperature: 0° F to +140° F (-18° C to +60° C)
Storage Temperature: -40° F to +158° F (-40° C to +70° C)

Features / Benefits

  • 2 Totals (Batch – Resettable, Cumulative – Not Resettable).
  • Flowrate display updates every 5 seconds, readout is in units/minute.
  • Factory Calibration in gallons and litres is standard. Can be field calibrated to adjust to various fluid thickness.
  • Correction calibration lets end user calibrate by ± percent off.
  • Small, compact and totally self contained with an internal power supply.
  • Non-volatile totals means amounts are retained when batteries are replaced or power is lost.
  • Lithium battery life: 5 years.
  • User Configuration Features:
    • Totalizers/Modes Enabled (Cumulative Total, Batch 2 Total, Flowrate Mode)
    • Flowrate Timebase (Units per Minutes, Hours and Days)
    • Factory Calibration Curve Units Enabled (Gallons, Imperial Gallons, Litres, Quarts, Ounces, Cubic Feet, Cubic Centimeters, Cubic Meters or Barrels (42 gal.)
    • Dispense/Display or K-Factor Entry Calibration


  • For use with G2, TM, A1 and QSE meters


A1 & G2 Models ONLY