EB10 Series Batch Controller

EB10 Series Batch Controller

The FLOMEC® EB10 Batch Controller is specifically designed to operate with common voltage pulse producing flow meters such as positive displacement, turbine, mass, vortex or magnetic meters. The instrument displays batch value, batch progress and cumulative total in engineering units selected by the user. The EB10 also logs the total number of batches performed. Instructions scroll on display screen, prompting the user at each stage of programming. Batch limiting and no-flow detection are “feature safeguards” against erroneously high batch entries, loss of the flow input signal, control valve or pump failure.

Available with either a dc powered version with two 1A NPN solid state control outputs, or the ac variant with two Single Pole Double Throw 5A relays. The outputs can be programmed to provide two staged stepped control at the start and/or end of each batch.



DISPLAY 9mm high, 8-digit alpha numeric LCD screen
BATCH & ACCUMULATIVE TOTALS 8-digit display programmable to 3 decimal points
ENGINEERING UNITS Litres, gallons, m³, lbs, kgs, or no eng units
INPUT TYPES & MAX FREQUENCY Reed Switch, open collector, coil (15mV P-P min), Namur, max frequency 100 kHz
CONTROL OUTPUTS GRN housing: 2x 1A NPN Open Collectors, 24V (dc)
DIN Mount: 2x SPDT 5A relays (either 110V (ac) or 240V (ac))
ALARM OUTPUTS 1A Open Collector (NPN or PNP), Max 24V (dc)
OPERATING TEMPERATURE Field Mount: 14° F to +176° F (-10° C to +80° C)
DIN Mount: -4° F to +122° F (-20° C to +50° C)
ENCLOSURES Field Mount: GRN Housing, IP66 (NEMA4X)
DIN Housing: Aluminium housing, not IP rated
POWER REQUIREMENTS Field Mount: 12 – 24V (dc)
DIN Mount: 98 – 125V (ac) or 210 – 250V (ac)
MOUNTING OPTIONS Meter or stem mount, wall, surface, pipe or panel mount*
*Panel mount seal kit required to maintain IP66/67 rating when separating front and rear housing for mounting when using GRN housing

Features / Benefits

  • Non-Volatile Memory
  • Robust IP66 field mountable housing with a protection cover (Field Mount model only)
  • Large 8-digit LCD batch total display and cumulative totalizer
  • Simple flowchart touch key programming
  • Two-stage control available for soft start and close sequencing
  • Multiple batcher interlock function with inhibit start signal from other equipment (network up to 10 controllers)
  • Reverse polarity protection



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