F Series: F116 Fieldmount Indicator

F Series: F116 Fieldmount Indicator

Top of the line specialty electronics by FLOMEC®. F Series Electronics are rugged and dependable, the F Series offers:

  • Remote Panel Mount Electronics
  • Field-mountable with back enclosure
  • Easy programming with a sensible menu-driven structure
  • Large (17mm) 7 digit display
  • Accepts several different input signals



Type High intensity reflective numeric and alpha-numeric LCD, UV-resistant.
Dimensions 90 x 40mm (3.5″ x 1.6″)
Digits Seven 17mm (0.67″) and eleven 8mm (0.31″) digits. Various symbols and measuring units.
Refresh rate User definable: Fast, 1sec, 3sec, 15sec, 30sec, Off
Operating Temperature
-40°F to +176°F (-40°C to +80°C)
Power Requirements Options
115 – 230V AC ±10%. Power consumption maximum 15 Watt.
Sensor Excitation
1.2 / 3.2 / 8.2 / 12 / 24V DC – maximum 400ma @ 24V DC
Terminal Connections
Removable plug-in terminal strip. Wire maximum 1.5mm2 and 2.5mm2.
Data protection
Type: EEPROM backup of all settings. Backup of running totals every minute. Data retention at least 10 years.
Pass-code: Configuration settings can be pass-code protected.
Electromagnetic compatibility: Compliant ref:
EN 61326 (1997), EN 61010-1 (1993)
Signal Input (Flowmeter)
Coil / sine wave (minimum 20mVpp or 80mVpp – sensitivity selectable), NPN / PNP, open collector, reed switch, Namur, active pulse signals 8 – 12 and 24V DC
Frequency: Minimum oHz – maximum 7kHz for total and flow rate internal low-pass filter. E.g. reed switch with low-pass filter: maximum frequency 120Hz
K-Factor: 0.000010 – 9,999,999 with variable decimal position
Low-pass filter: Available for all pulse signals
Signal Output (Analog)
Function: Transmitting differential / sum flow rate
Accuracy: 10 bit. Error < 0.05%. Analog output signal can be scaled to any desired range.
Update time: Ten times per second
Passive 4-20mA output – not isolated. Unit will be loop powered.
Signal Output (Pulse)
Function: Pulse output according to differential or sum accumulated total and indication negative pulse output.
Frequency: Maximum 64Hz. Pulse length user definable between 7.8 msec up to 2 seconds.
Two passive transistor ouptuts (NPN) – not isolated. Maximum 50V DC – 300mA per output.
Line temperature – 6 digits, 1 decimal
Units: °F, °C, or K

Features / Benefits

  • Net Use
  • Linearization
  • 4-20mA Output


  • The F-Series is your first and safest choice for fieldmount indicators. Especially in harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, salty atmospheres and temperatures between -40°F up to +176°F  -40°C up to 80°C) for safe and hazardous area applications.
  • Liquid flow measurement with mechanical flowmeters where a precise calculation over the full measurement range is required. Also continuous flow rate monitoring is required.
  • Fuel consumption calculation for diesel engines on board of ships or trains. Sum function: where flows are split-up in two pipe-lines and total flow has to be calculated.