GG Series Pulse Output Transmitter with Display

GG Series Pulse Output Transmitter with Display



Accuracy: ± 0.1% of reading
Output Options:
Primary Output: Open Collector (NPN)
Max. “OFF” Voltage: 60 V
Max. “ON” Current: 200 mA
Max. “ON” Voltage Drop: < 0.5 V @ 200 mA
Strain Relief: Hubble PG7
Strain Relief Thread: Female 1/2-20 UNF-2B
Cable: Remote: Belden 9363 (500 Series only)
Local: No cable provided
Cable Length: 20 ft. (6 m) provided (500 Series only)
Power Supply: 9-volt battery or externally powered
Voltage Supply (Min.): 7 VDC
Voltage Supply (Max.): 30 VDC
Input Options: Hall Effect, Reed Switch, Open Collector or
Low Level Sine Wave
Remote Mounting: Pipe or wall
Operating Temperature: +14° F to +140° F (-10° C to +60° C)
Frequency Input:
Low Level Coil (LLC): 0 – 1000 Hz
High Level Low Freq.: 0 – 150 Hz
High Level High Freq.: 0 – 1000 Hz
Enclosure Rating: NEMA 4X / IP55
Shipping Weight: Remote: 2.0 lbs. (.90 kg)
Local: 1.0 lbs. (.45 kg)
Calibratable (Remote): K-factor Entry
(Local): Correction Factor

Features / Benefits

  • Provides communication with process control equipment.
  • Works with G Series, G2 Turbine Meters, OM and DP Meters.
  • 2 Totals (Batch = Resettable, Cumulative = Non-Resettable); Rate of Flow. Factory calibrated in gallons and litres. Field calibratable. Allows user calibration.
  • Includes non-volatile totals.
  • Industry Standard Output: Unscaled Pulse.
  • Easily mounted on pipe or wall.


  • The GG500 is a remote mount Pulse-Out Transmitter with battery powered display.
  • Choose the GG510 when a local mount is needed on the G2 series.
  • Choose the G5 when a local mount is needed on the OM series.
  • Choose the 5 when a local mount is needed on the G series.