01 Series Economy Electronic Flowmeter


01 Series Economy Electronic Flowmeter

GPI® 01 Series meters are great for monitoring and indication. A good economical choice when high accuracy is not a concern.

  • Available in Aluminum or Nylon
  • Choice of gallon or litre measurement
  • Powered by two easily replaceable AAA batteries
  • Batteries Included

Features / Benefits

  • Complete meter, including turbine assembly, microprocessor and LCD readout.
  • Works well on any pump or gravity feed system with at least 3-30 GPM (10-100 LPM) low range.
  • Aluminum model is lightweight, accurate and reliable with a rugged aluminum housing.
  • Nylon model is a simple, small and sturdy Electronic Digital Water meter, with rugged nylon housing.
  • Two Totals – Cumulative Total and Batch Total (resettable).


  • Water (01N Meter)
  • Fuel (01A Meter)
  • Light Chemicals

Electronics Options

Microprocessor and LCD readout included