OM Series Small Capacity (Oval Gear Meters)


OM Series Small Capacity (Oval Gear Meters)

The FLOMEC® OM Small Capacity Oval Gear Meters have an increased flow range and offer the ability to handle a wide range of fluid viscosities with exceptional levels of repeatability.

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Features / Benefits

  • High accuracy and repeatability, direct volumetric reading. Measures high and low viscosity liquids.
  • Stainless Steel rotors (Optional PPS rotor for OM008 meter only).
  • Quadrature pulse output option and bi-directional flow. Blind 4-20mA output option.
  • Optional Exd I/IIB approval (ATEX, IECEx)
  • PF option available for metering pulsating flows.
  • Only two moving parts.


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  • Oils
  • Batching
  • Oil-Based Paints
  • Fuel • Molasses
  • Industrial Fluids
  • Diesel
  • Clean Fluids
  • Chemical Feed Lines
  • Truck Metering
  • Bunker C Fuel Oil
  • Chemical Additive Injection

Electronics Options

G5 = [GG 500] Rate / Total Display with pulse out and optional Ex. Power … [Local Display w/ Pulse (60°C)]

G6 = [GX 500] Rate / Total Display w/ 4-20mA out [Local Display w/ ………… 4-20mA (60°C)]

G7 = [GA 500] Loop powered 4-20mA analog output [Local 4-20mA (60°C)]

RS = Reed Switch only – to suit Intrinsically safe installations

E1 = Explosion proof Exd IIB T4/T6 (aluminum & stainless meters) [IECEx & ATEX mines approved]

E2 = Explosion proof Exd I/IIB T4/T6 (stainless meters only) [IECEx & ATEX mines approved]

QP = Quadrature pulse (2 NPN phased outputs) [not available with high …… press models]

Q1 = Explosion proof Exd (with quadrature pulse, but not available with …… high pressure meter) [IECEx & ATEX approved]

PF = Pulsating flow option (Hall effect output only) [for injected combustion engines]

P1 = Explosion proof – Exd with PF pulsating flow option [IECEx & ATEX ….. approved]

B2 = BT11 totalizer with pulse output [with scalable pulse output]

B3 = Intrinsically safe BT11 with pulse output [IECEx & ATEX approved]

R0 = RT12 rate totalizer with all outputs (Alloy housing) [scaled pulse, ……… alarms, 4-20mA]

R2 = RT12 rate totalizer with all outputs (GRN housing) [scaled pulse, ……… alarms, 4-20mA]

R3 = Intrinsically safe RT12 with all outputs (GRN housing) [IECEx & ATEX . approved]

R4 = RT40 rate totalizer with backlit large digit LCD [scalable pulse output, backlight]

E0 = EB10 batch controller [2 stage DC batcher & totalizer]