Turbo Pulse Turbine Flowmeters


Turbo Pulse Turbine Flowmeters

FLOMEC® Turbopulse Turbine Flowmeters measure flows of low viscosity liquids from 3 to 7000 litres/hr in a range of sizes from½” to 20″ (12-SOOmm). TP series flowmeters have an axial rotor and flow guides & need to be installed in straight sections of pipe either horizontal or vertical so that the flow is conditioned. TP series flowmeters can be purchased with Exd & Intrinsically Safe (I.S) approvals for use in hazardous areas. Applications include the distribution of fuels, alcohols, solvents, metering of chemicals, insecticides, water & light hydraulic oils.

Features / Benefits

  • High accuracy & repeatability, direct reading flowmeter
  • Low cost of ownership, wide flow range
  • Rugged & compact design
  • Certified Exd & I.S hazardous area versions
  • Integral 4-20mA output option
  • ± 0.15% linearity option (TP100 and above)


FLOMEC® TP series meter options include integral LCD totalisers, flow rate totalisers & batch controllers. These instruments provide monitoring & control outputs including 4-20mA, scaled pulse, alarms & batch control:

Electronics Options

  • FBT LCD 5 digit reset, 8 digit cumulative totaliser.
  • RT12 LCD 6 digit reset, cumulative totaliser & flow rate. Analogue and pulse outputs
  • RT40 LCD 6 digit reset, cumulative totaliser & flow rate. Backlit Display.
  • EB LCD 6 digit 2 stage batcher & cumulative totaliser. (Instruments also available for remote mounting and with I.S. approvals)