OM Series Mechanical Meter (Oval Gear Meters)

OM Series Mechanical Meter (Oval Gear Meters)

Volumetric flow measurement of clean liquids or low flows. For distribution of fuels, fuel oils, lubricants, alcohols, solvents, blending of bio and ethanol fuels, metering of chemicals, grease, adhesives, ink, insecticides and pumps or gravity fed non-conductive liquids.

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D Series Diesel Flowmeter

FLOMEC® D-Series Diesel Flowmeters are designed for common transfer applications involving diesel fuel, including receipt verification, loading, un-loading, distribution and dispensing where custody transfer (weights and measures) is not required. They are suitable for fleet depots, mine sites, construction sites, farms, marine facilities & portable fuelling applications. The meters are compact and can be used in both pumped and gravity-fed systems.

Turbo Pulse Turbine Flowmeters

FLOMEC® Turbopulse Turbine Flowmeters measure flows of low viscosity liquids from 3 to 7000 litres/hr in a range of sizes from½” to 20″ (12-SOOmm). TP series flowmeters have an axial rotor and flow guides & need to be installed in straight sections of pipe either horizontal or vertical so that the flow is conditioned. TP series flowmeters can be purchased with Exd & Intrinsically Safe (I.S) approvals for use in hazardous areas. Applications include the distribution of fuels, alcohols, solvents, metering of chemicals, insecticides, water & light hydraulic oils.

G2 Series (Precision Turbine Meters)

A full line of FLOMEC® G2 Series Precision Turbine Meters are available in a variety of housing materials. Rugged and dependable, the G2 Series offers:

  • Stainless Steel for most chemicals and fuel products
  • Aluminum for petroleum based products
  • Brass for most water applications
  • PVDF for aggressive chemicals

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TM Series (Water Meters)

FLOMEC® TM Series Water Meters are accurate, economical and designed to last. Choose TM Water Meters for water processing and irrigation applications:

  • Meets Schedule 80 PVC specifications
  • Standard low-profile display
  • Seven sizes with three fitting types available –
    • 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 1-1/2 inch, 2 inch. 3 inch & 4 inch;
    • Spigot (Pipe) End, NPT or BSPP Female (1 inch thru 4 inch only) and 150# ANSI Flange (3 and 4 inch only)
  • Flowrates from 1 to 800 gallons per minute

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02 Series Electronic Flowmeter with Scaled Pulse Output

The FLOMEC® 02 Series is a lightweight, accurate and reliable turbine meter. Choose the 02 Series for thin viscosity fluid applications.

  • Available in Aluminum or Nylon
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Display powered by two AAA batteries
  • Offers one pulse per unit (gallons and litres)