QStar Fixed Ultrasonic Flowmeter

QStar Fixed Ultrasonic Flowmeter

QStar Ultrasonic Flowmeters (UFM) are available in two models: a portable for mobile sampling measurements and a fixed for measuring tasks over an extended period of time for continuous measurements in fixed installations.

Both units use the proven and highly precise ultrasonic transit time difference method. By employing the latest digital signal processors, these robust measurement flowmeters are extremely accurate and drift-free.


EGM Series Electronic Flowmeter

All Hall Effect pulse meters designed for volumetric flow measurement of clean liquids across a broad range of applications in the automotive, aviation, mining, power, chemical, pharmaceutical, and petroleum industries. The EGM Series will produce accurate and reliable measurements of almost all clean liquids, including but not limited to; alcohols, fuels and oils, water based salts and solutions, corrosion inhibitors, brake and transmission fluids, greases, emulsifiers, adhesives, insecticides, and some aggressive chemicals.